How To Contest NCAP Violations

How To Contest NCAP Violations

No traffic policy has ever been as controversial as the No Contact Apprehension Policy or NCAP. With lots of flaws in its design—bad roads, poor road signs, untrained reviewers, etc., many motorists would like to contest their violation. Whether you’re one of them or not, here’s a guide on how to contest an NCAP violation.

How To Contest NCAP Violations

How To Contest NCAP Violations:

  • Prepare the documents
  • Proceed to the Traffic Adjudication Board
  • Present the documents
  • Explain why the violation should be nullified

Prepare the documents

First and foremost, you have yo secure the following documents in order to file a complaint or contest:

  1. 2 copies of OR/CR
  2. 2 copies of your ID
  3. Printed copy of your Notice of Violation (NOV)
  4. Notarized complaint form

Note: NOV can be printed at the office while the complaint form can be downloaded online and must be notarized.

Proceed to the Traffic Adjudication Board

Proceed to the Traffic Adjudication Board of the city where the violation was made.

  • For Manila City:  Manila City Hall
  • For Quezon City: QC City Hall
  • For Valenzuela City: City External Services Office (CESO)
  • For Parañaque City: Parañaque City Hall

Present the documents required

You’ll be asked for the required documents. If you have all of them, then you’ll be allowed to queue and meet the adjudicator.

They also do a quick screening, so you might be asked to withdraw your complain if it lacks merit.

Explain your side

The adjudicator is a master of traffic laws. He will explain to you why your violation exists, together with the pertinent laws/ordinances. After which, you will be given a chance to explain your side.

If they will deem your explanation credible or valid, then your violation record will be deleted in the system within the next day. However, they will not provide some sort certificate for the cancellation.

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