HUAWEI Unveils Super Device Functions And 2022 Product Lineup

HUAWEI Unveils Super Device Functions And 2022 Product Lineup

The HUAWEI Super Device software has finally made its 2022 debut. It allows for multiple HUAWEI devices to connect to each other, making for an integrated experience with as few wires as possible. Adding to the interesting factor are the assorted unique modes of functionality each pairing brings. In addition to that, some new devices were officially announced. We’ll break everything down below.

For example, connecting a MateBook laptop and a HUAWEI smartphone leads to some interesting features. We’ve probably seen screen mirroring before, but this just makes file access easier than ever. Considering a lot of people bring their smartphones everywhere they go, this is a function many will find to be essential. This holds true for those who love working in offices or outdoors but can’t bring all their tech or wires due to limited bag space. Keeping the setup clean isn’t just a want – it’s a must.

A lot of us use monitors to connect to our laptops, but we’re usually plagued by pesky wires all around. With a HUAWEI MateBook and MateView Monitor, you can wirelessly either mirror your laptop screen onto your monitor or use it to expand the space. The more screen real estate, the more productivity. Or you could just play some Netflix on the other screen during work breaks. And that’s always going to be a good thing.

Multiple permutations of the pairing with the MateBook can be seen above. However, keep in mind that ALL of the devices are compatible with each other, so it is entirely up to you to mix, match, and discover new functions you never expected. All of these combinations have been studied and developed by the brilliant minds at HUAWEI, so rest assured that these will work excellently and provide you with that extra push when it comes to productivity and enjoyment. This 2022 HUAWEI Super Device ecosystem is just another reason to make the switch.

For example, the MatePad lineup of tablets is more than capable of connecting to the MateBook, smartphones, wearables, and others as well. Some people expect that two devices need to be connected to the same internet network for sharing between these devices. However, HUAWEI reminds us of the evolution of technology in 2022: there is no need for any of that. As you see in the image above, INSTANT interaction without internet has been made possible.


Don’t think that it’s only these four that will get quick connection features to each other though. Audio devices such as the company’s wireless buds and the all-new HUAWEI Sound Joy speaker pair with any of these, as easy as pie. Wearables including smartwatches also receive the same treatment.


The HUAWEI Sound Joy speaker is a collaboration with French specialist audio company DEVIALET, which means that this device should pack quite a punch with its 20W full-frequency speaker, 2 passive radiators, and 10W tweeter. Connectivity should be consistent with Bluetooth 5.2. It has more than quality going for it though – it is capable of 26 hours of playback on a single charge (and 40W super charging!), with sufficient ruggedness for all your adventures. Despite this durability, a majority of its finish on the outside is made up of an elegant woven fabric pattern. It is cool and classy all in one. The Sound Joy is available from May 6 onwards.

Another member of the new 2022 HUAWEI Super Device array is the PixLab X1 printer. It has an NFC sensor for tap-to-print support for HUAWEI devices, besides connectivity over WiFi, Ethernet, and USB. It is a printer, scanner, and copier that can reportedly output 28 pages per minute and carries advanced features like automatic double-sided printing and Smart Card Copying. Separate toner and drum cartridges have a capacity of 1500 and 15000 pages respectively.

One last device unveiled is the 2022 HUAWEI MatePad 10.4. We’ll be posting content on this device and its accessories quite soon, but look at the summary above for a sneak peek if you can’t wait until then!

HUAWEI MateBook Sale Details

Surprise! Specific HUAWEI MateBooks are also getting bunch of freebies for free. Notable features include 2K FullView displays, solid build quality, and powerful yet efficient Intel Core i5 processors.

The HUAWEI MateBook D-devices will come with a free Regular Backpack worth PHP 1,890 during the period, while the HUAWEI MateBook 14 will be bundled with a New Fashion Backpack and FreeBuds 4i worth PHP 10,598. The promo period will run from April 29 to May 31, 2022. 








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