Is Bondee Just Another Crypto NFT Game In Disguise?

Is Bondee Just Another Crypto NFT Game In Disguise?

Oh, we’re sure you’ve seen those 3D avatars and QR codes floating over social media. These may have piqued your interest enough to reply and ask: “What’s that?” Some ended up actually installing the application in question: Bondee. It’s an innocent, cutesy social app that’s some sort of mix between the Sims, Twitter, BeReal, and all your favorite social media sites out there. But, all signs point to Bondee having crypto and NFT applications in the future. What’s up with this?

Firstly, Bondee, as mentioned, is a social media application that allows you to “live with your friends.” As of now, you can create personal avatars to represent yourself in this virtual space. It’s honestly a little metaverse-y albeit not as complex. Anyway, you can even dress up your character in all sorts of clothing and give them what they need in order to suitably look however you want them to.

You can then modify your personal space just like the Sims. You have a small enclosure for your own avatar to have a bedroom, office, playroom, or whatever you want it to be. Some people have even gotten very creative and turned it into a shop. There is a wide selection of furniture and installations within the space for you to spice it all up. There are even photo frames you can hang on the walls, all with your own pictures from your smartphone gallery.

Here comes the social part: you can add friends to visit your space, or just stay in a communal space with everyone else’s avatars. It’s like scrolling your News Feed, but it’s all organic content. There, you’ll see a 3D representation of what everyone is doing. Users can select from an array of preprogrammed activities for their avatars to be doing, then can also add descriptions as well as attached images from real life.

It’s quite interesting because you’ll see some friends’ avatars at a work desk with actual pictures of work, next to other avatars walking around with travel bags with attached photos of international destinations. Snazzy. Users can also privately message others and have live emojis with their own avatars. Multiple avatars can engage in activities with one another, allowing for some bonding time for your virtual selves.

So it’s a very well-thought-out combination of past concepts all into one. And it’s free. That’s why downloads have been nothing less than aplenty, and the app has more or less reached viral status. But…. we suspect Bondee to have some paid crypto and NFT applications in the future.

The first indication comes when you’re outfitting your avatar with an outfit. Some of them are currently under a “limited free trial” mode, which means these clothes could be put behind a paywall in the future. We imagine that new outfits will also be placed on the market as time goes by and all of these will be paid for via in-game currency.

This in-game money is called a “B-bean” and Twitter user BurhanPlays did well in explaining the concept.

What’s interesting here is that he was able to find a legal statement that pointed towards NFT purchases using the currency. However, if you check it now, you won’t be able to find these stipulations. It seems that the app’s admin removed it. But the question now stands: Why? 

The likely reason is that some are averse to crypto and NFTs. The moment they realize that there is a correlation between these things, there is a high chance that the app will be uninstalled. It’s time for the app to tread carefully in introducing its paywalls.

Anyways, B-beans will cost this much according to 8List:

  • 100 B-Beans = PHP 49
  • 500 B-Beans = PHP 249
  • 1,000 B-Beans = PHP 499
  • 2,000 B-Beans = PHP 999
  • 3,000 B-Beans = PHP 1,490
  • 5,000 B-Beans = PHP 2,390

Another thing we’re not sure of is how much average prices will be, but we’re hoping they’ll be friendly if ever people do subscribe to the crypto NFT system that Bondee might just release.

What do you think? Knowing this now, will you stay or not? Let us know!






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