Netflix in the Philippines is 3rd Best Country for a Subscription

Netflix in the Philippines is 3rd Best Country for a Subscription

Are you still on the fence in getting a Netflix subscription in the Philippines? A study by UK-based price comparison service Uswitch reveals that the Philippines is the third-best country in the world and the best in Southeast Asia to have a Netflix subscription in terms of pricing and content variety.

For its study, Uswitch analyzed the cost-per-title in each country, which is derived by dividing the country’s monthly subscription fee by the number of available titles.

In the case of the Philippines, there are 6425 titles available for streaming–with a monthly cost of 9.88 Euros(~Php 570), this translates to around 0.0015 Euros per title. In comparison to Turkey, which has a more affordable monthly cost at 4.94 Euros but with lower available titles at 4686, this translates to 0.0011 Euros per title. All of the figures were based on Google’s real-time exchange rate feature, where 1 Euro is equal to Php 56.98.

While there’s a discussion that digital services like Netflix should be taxed, a 12% VAT on Netflix would translate to the Premium subscription being priced at around Php 615 a month or 10.80 Euros, which still places the Philippines among the top 5 most affordable Netflix subscriptions in the world. Even with a possible Netflix price hike, the Philippines offers great value for money in terms of content available. Aside from Netflix’s usual offerings, Filipinos get access to a number of local content that includes teleseryes. 

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