Netflix to Reportedly Offer Livestreaming

Netflix to Reportedly Offer Livestreaming

With all the struggles it is facing lately beyond a shrinking subscriber base, Netflix is exploring other options to grow its revenue. One of these services is livestreaming, which Deadline reports that Netflix is currently working on in the early stages.

The thought of adding livestreaming to its list of services is less unconventional than offering games on its platform, as Netflix intends to use this feature for its slew of unscripted shows and stand-up specials. This brings in several possibilities, like live voting for talent and competition shows like Dance 100 from Studio Lambert.

Another possibility with livestreaming is that it could allow the return of the Netflix is a Joke festival, where the event would feature 300 stand-up performances across LA that include the likes of Pete Davidson, Larry David, and Pete Chapelle. Looking beyond, Netflix might venture into airing live concerts through its platform–though it remains to be seen how the streaming giant will charge its users for concerts. Another potential of livestreaming is reunion specials for some of Netflix’s shows.

The move is not surprising from Netflix, as Disney+ recently has a two-season contract with Dancing with the Stars as the streaming platform’s first-ever live series. Netflix will most likely match that through its livestreaming service, though it remains to be seen what Netflix’s plans will be in the coming months.

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