New Game MetaCrafters Lets You Earn Money As You Study Web3

New Game MetaCrafters Lets You Earn Money As You Study Web3

You’ve heard of play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity, but what if a game paid you to learn Web3 skills that’ll allow you to design things like NFTs and blockchain tech? That’s the idea behind, a new game made by Proof of Learn, a Web3 company co-founded by tech veteran Sheila Lirio Marcelo, Kevin Yang, and Lauren Tornow. Proof Of Learn (POL) is partnering with Yield Guild Games (YGG) at the start to help fund scholars in the Philippines where the game will launch first.

How do MetaCrafters work? Well, it’s not like your ordinary NFT game. It’s based on a learn-to-earn system that has students as clients. Like any normal school, these students will be learning the basics up to advanced knowledge on the blockchain and other related Web3 topics. As they learn, they can earn back the amount they’ve paid in tuition and rewards to boot. Completing educational courses gives the student an official Proof of Learn NFT that acts as a diploma, as well as a treasure NFT that can be sold and bought on the marketplace.

YGG will also be selecting certain talents to sponsor and provide scholarships for, in exchange for a fixed portion of their prize money. Think of it as the scholarship system in Axie Infinity – the idea here is the same. Despite being a school system, MetaCrafters still has its game elements. It is set in medieval times with students gaining strength for their digital avatars as they progress with their studies. Numerous enchantments and sacred books take the place of boring modules, turning the entire experience into an interesting virtual journey.

Proof of Learn seeks to develop more platforms in the future, with this being their maiden voyage into the project. CEO Sheila Lirio Marcelo proudly discussed the project along with Gabby Dizon, the co-founder of YGG. The former definitely has the credentials to back herself up – founding in 2006, providing opportunities for job hunters in the care industry. It eventually blossomed into a successful Web2 platform.

“As Proof of Learn’s premier project, Metacrafters is the perfect place for us to start connecting promising Web3 global talent with gainful global employment. Metacrafters’ mission is to guide, reward and unite a community of learners while connecting them to professional developer opportunities,” says Proof of Learn’s Sheila Lirio Marcelo. “As someone with strong personal ties to the Philippines, I care deeply about creating Web3 education and employment opportunities in developing economies,” she continues.

The event was without a doubt lively, with speeches given by figures of authority within the crypto scene, such as Kevin Yang as seen in the photo (co-founder of Proof of Learn). People of all backgrounds shared ideas and thoughts, all for the betterment of society at large.

We’re excited to see how this project pans out in the future, as well as other initiatives by this talented group of people.

Visit the site here, or hop on the Discord server! If you want to know the specifics of how you earn money in Metacrafters, you can read out the in-depth article here. 


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