Ookla: Philippines’ Mobile Internet Speed Improves in September

Ookla: Philippines’ Mobile Internet Speed Improves in September

Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index for September 2021 is out. Data from Ookla show that mobile internet speed improved yet again in the Philippines, although broadband speed decreased a bit.

Ookla Mobile Internet Speed Improves in September

According to Ookla, the average mobile internet download speed in the Philippines is 35.03 Mbps. This is 3.73% better than the 33.7 Mbps that was registered last August. Meanwhile, the average broadband speed is 71.85 Mbps, a bit slower than 72.56 Mbps in August. 

However, according to National National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), the September record shows 808.34 percent improvement from the year 2016. In fact, the Philippines now ranks 5th in both mobile and broadband internet speeds in the ASEAN region. While we are at the 72nd spot among 138 countries in terms of mobile internet speed, and  64th out of 181 countries in terms of broadband internet speed.

The NTC said this improvement is made possible by President Rodrigo Duterte’s directive last year, which highlighted the need for swift processing of local government permits so additional cellular towers would be built to improve communication and connectivity nationwide.

Although mobile internet speed has been constantly improving in the Philippines, it is still incomparable to most developed countries where they enjoy more than 200 Mbps of mobile internet speed.

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