OPPO Kicks Off ColorOS Hack 2023

OPPO Kicks Off ColorOS Hack 2023

OPPO kicks off its ColorOS Hack 2023 this July together with Pantanal in its goal to discover new intelligent services for the over 500 million ColorOS users worldwide. Pantanal has collaborated with 21 eco-partners that includeMeituan, Baidu Map, Umetrip, and Xiaohongshu in China, as well as Snapchat, Spotify, Zamato, and Swiggy overseas. These partners have reached strategic cooperation in scenarios covering life services, travel, entertainment, office, and other fields, meaning more than 300,000 developers have contributed to constructing the Pantanal ecosystem.

One of the main goals of ColorOS Hack 2023 is to find local service providers or developers in scenarios such as lifestyle services, transportation services, and entertainment services, and encourage them to develop smart services in relevant scenarios, conceptualize scenarios, and design interaction forms by learning the Pantanal Platform. The end goal of the program is to develop services that will cater to the Southeast Asian market.

Aside from prize money, those who will be recognized at ColorOS Hack 2023 will also get access to the different development capabilities of the Pantanal Platform, where developers will have the support they will need to deploy their services quickly and efficiently. For reference, a single developer can accomplish service development in as little as three days and end-to-end service uploads in 30 days using the Pantanal platform.

To guide developers, OPPO ColorOS has arranged online event briefings and online salons for Q&A and explanations, while participants in the final round’s device debugging will receive technical support directly from the OPPO technical team. To make the contest more enticing, OPPO also invited industry experts and local Southeast Asian entrepreneurs to offer professional advice to participants. Winning works will have support from the OPPO App Store.

Interested developers can register for ColorOS Hack 2023 here

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