Dito Telecommunity Passed Its First Technical Audit

Dito Telecommunity Passed Its First Technical Audit

Results of Dito Telecommunity technical audit reports that the third telco provider in the company has passed the required minimum average broadband speed that’s set at 27 Mbps, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) said on Monday, February 22. Dito’s certificate of public convenience set the coverage at 37% for its first year of operations while their audit results show that the telco’s coverage reached 37.48% of the population or 8,860 barangays which was confirmed by independent auditor KPMG RG Manabat & Co.

The initial audit began at the beginning of the year with the telco expressing confidence that they would meet the audit’s requirements. The technical audit revealed that Dito has an average speed of 85.9 Mbps for 4G and 507.5 Mbps for 5G networks. This figure is broken dWith speeds near the base station averaging: 102.4 Mbps (4G) and 769.1 Mbps (5G), for middle point: 91.2 Mbps (4G) and 437.1 Mbps (5G), and far from base station averaging speeds of 64.4 Mbps (4G) and 316.5 Mbps (5G).

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Although these are pretty big numbers, it is worth noting that the audit was conducted with the telco having no subscribers yet. It’s also worth noting that the barangays DITO will primarily be serving during its commercial roll-out next month are highly populated areas as they have expressed difficulty setting up their services in far-flung areas.

“Dito’s entry in the market is a welcome development in the telco industry. A healthier competition within the industry fulfills President Duterte’s promise to the Filipino people of better telco service thru cheaper prices and improved internet speed,” said the NTC in a statement. The presence of a third telco breaks the duopoly between PLDT and Globe as the two major telco providers in the country. President Dutere’s invitation for telco competition appears to be attracting interest from foreign telco providers such as KDDI and Softbank as well.

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