You Can Finally Take Your Number With You When You Switch Networks Starting September 2021

You Can Finally Take Your Number With You When You Switch Networks Starting September 2021

hands pointing at a phone

hands pointing at a phone

Retaining your mobile number when switching network providers is finally going to be possible later this year. The National Telecommunications Commission is implementing the long-delayed mobile number portability scheme which allows you to retain your mobile number even if you switch networks. The commercial rollout for the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Act will start by September 30, after getting delayed because of COVID-19.

Three Philippine Telcos PLDT, Globe, and DITO

In order to implement mobile number porting, the three local telcos, Globe Telecom, Smart Communications, and Dito Telecommunity formed a consortium called Telecommunications Connectivity, and tapped global firm Syniverse for its execution.

For a customer to be able to port their number over from one telco to another, there are several conditions to be met. These are:

  • Applicants don’t have any outstanding financial obligation with the donor provider
  • The mobile number used in a device is not locked to any mobile service provider
  • Applicants should wait for 60 calendar days from the date of activation of the ported number
  • That there’s no pending request for transfer/assignment of the mobile number
  • That there’s no order from a court of law stopping the mobile number porting
  • Number requested for porting is not blacklisted by a service provider due to previous fraudulent activities

Those applying should first request from the donor provider a nine-digit unique subscriber code (USC) which is valid for 15 days. From there, applicants should submit a porting application (PA) in person or through a duly authorized representative, or online, or through an SMS via a five-digit access code.

Once the application is received, telcos are obliged to complete the process within 48 hours, informing applicants of the request is successful or not.

The Mobile Number Portability Act or Republic Act No 11202 was signed by President Duterte into law back in 2019.

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