RUMORS: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 To Undergo Design Overhaul

RUMORS: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 To Undergo Design Overhaul

The Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup has come and is fully in the market at this point. All rumors for the brand now point toward the next generation of foldables. According to rumors swirling around the market, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 could undergo a massive design overhaul to compete with what the market has to offer. Here’s what we know so far.

According to tipsters like the famed Ice Universe, the external screen on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 could very much grow in size to an astounding 3.4-inches. That’s even larger than the 3.26-inch display seen on the OPPO Find N2 Flip. However, the execution will be different as the alleged aspect ratio is 1:1.038, more or less pegging it as a perfect square. The inner screen, meanwhile, is set to gain a smaller crease and bezel than ever before. We’re looking forward to it.

The previous generation Flip4 had an IPX8 rating, giving it water-resistant properties of up to 30 minutes in 1.5 meter-deep freshwater. It isn’t waterproof, but that could be changing with the latest “droplet” or “dumbbell” hinge that could make it to both the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5. This is the same technology employed by other brands which prevents the screen from folding entirely. As such, the resulting shape is akin to a water droplet.

This is a commendable effort since other foldables on the market don’t even have an IP rating. To not only maintain the IPX8 standard but even aspire to push it further shows why Samsung might just maintain its position as the market leader of this field for the forseeable future.

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