Samsung Is Thinking Of Slapping A 600-megapixel Sensor On Phones

Samsung Is Thinking Of Slapping A 600-megapixel Sensor On Phones


A leaked Samsung slide is making the rounds in the tech scene, which supposedly shows that the Korean giant is really considering stuffing a 600-megapixel sensor in a smartphone.

While the idea of putting that massive camera on a smartphone isn’t new as reports of Samsung developing that massive 600-megapixel sensor first surfaced at the beginning of the year. This is the first time we’ve heard of Samsung themselves though mulling the possibilities of putting that sensor on a phone.

There are still massive technical challenges in the way. A 600-megapixel sensor used 0.8um pixel technology as the slide suggested, the camera bump required for that would be 22mm thick, three times as thick as the one that’s in the Galaxy S20, which is obviously unacceptable. It would be comically large and would no way be a practical application of the technology.

So what would a 600-megapixel camera sensor be good for if not put a smartphone? Well, a camera with that resolution would be great for self-driving and autonomous vehicles and drones, where the size requirement wouldn’t be too much of an issue. Right now 600-megapixels on a phone is still a pipe dream, and there’s no word when exactly you’ll get a phone with that resolution.


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