Skate to the Promised Land

Skate to the Promised Land, the country’s premier boardsports social media site in the Philippines, in partnership with BBX Productions and CrossRoads Concepts Productions, recently held a two-day action-packed downhill longboarding race and skateboarding competition at the Subic Base Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) in Subic. The event, dubbed as “Skate to the Promised Land”, aimed to discover the promote the new breed of talented grassroots skaters and longboarders all over the country.

“We are very passionate in promoting boardsports here in the Philippines and overseas. has always been an instrument in spreading the awareness and serving the boardsports community,” said Michael Eijansantos, Editor-in-Chief of

“Today, the boardsports industry is one of the fastest growing individual sports in the country. We are expecting that the population of boardsports enthusiast and athletes will increase as continues to promote the sport that connects everyone living their life on board,” adds Eijansantos.

The competition was followed by a rock concert featuring “Salamin”Aloha Boardsports is the Presenter of the event. Major sponsors are Aerial7, Gopro, Free Energy Coop and Rockstar Energy Drink. is one of the official social media partners in the event.

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Skateboarding competition winners:

Game of Skate Class A                                    –             Kenneth Evanglista

Game of Skate Class B                                    –             John Mark Marco

Highest Ollie                                                       –             Enoy Hernandez

Best trick rail                                                     –             Enoy Hernandez

Best trick Funbox                                            –             Kenneth Evangelista


Downhill Competition winners:


Champion                               –              Luis De Luna

1st Runner up                       –              Pantoy Grupo Nopo

2nd Runner up                    –              Nonong Dequina

3rd Runner up                     –              Manu Codinera


Class A

Champion                                –             Gerard Cancio

1st Runner up                        –             Jay Mitra

2nd Runner up                     –             Joseph “Epos” Falcone

3rd Runner up                      –              Kiko Meily


Class B

Champion                            –              Joaquin Romero

1st Runner up                    –              Paul Luap

2nd Runner up                 –             Aries Quicho

3rd Runner up                  –              Mico Montifar

Photos by: Jun Navarro and author

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