Sony Float Run Headphones: Engineered For Runners And Cyclists

Sony Float Run Headphones: Engineered For Runners And Cyclists

Music is an integral part of a lot of people’s daily lives. Whether it’s on the commute, while at work, or doing daily tasks, it’s undeniable that music can turn the mundane routine into something extraordinary. Yet, there are also times when it can be hazardous: especially for runners and cyclists who need to hear the outside world. Sure, transparency modes may help, but a better, specialized solution has just been released: the Sony Float Run headphones. Here’s why we think why.

Let’s begin with the positioning. No, not in the market, but how the Sony Float Run headphones are worn. It’s quite unique after all. This is because it hooks onto the back of your ear like the wire of an IEM – those professional-grade earphones artists wear in concerts. Or what serious audio people use.

What’s different is that it doesn’t sit in your ear like most other audio products do. Instead, it sits within close proximity of your ear but doesn’t completely block it off. Just imagine a small speaker hovering over your ear without covering it. Sony engineered it to be this way to leave the ear canal open for more important sounds, like the nearby vehicles or other possible risks. Transparency mode also gets the sound through, but there’s nothing quite like hearing something as they occur in real life. You can get a better sense of how far everything is without having to look.

Others may feel a bit iffy about the design and how these headphones can manage to stay on through strenuous exercise. No worries. It’s been specifically built to match a cyclist’s posture and runner’s form, in order to provide the most comfortable experience. It’s been advertised to stay on regardless of your activity, and the pressure-free design eliminates the risk of chafing and sweat. It was a product that did well in crowdfunding before its official launch.

At just 33 grams per piece, they’re quite light and shouldn’t be a burden during your workout or commute. They’ve also been fitted on with bicycle helmets and other accessories – and it fits like a glove.

The brand’s legendary reputation within the field of sound quality also assures us that this will sound good. There are 16mm drivers onboard to keep the sound going. Isolation isn’t the main selling point here, though, so expect the complete opposite of ANC. In exchange, you have a perfect outdoor headphone you’ll never have to take off. Literally. Even in heavy rain, the IPX4 rating has the user secured and ready to go.

That’s 10 hours of continuous playback time for the Sony Float Run headphones, at least in the brand’s in-house tests. Should you need to take a call while on-the-go, it comes with a built-in hiqh quality microphone to keep you audible and clear, wherever you are. On the off chance that you run out of juice, the carrying pouch also fits the charging cable to keep you going as long as possible. 10 minutes of charging is rewarded sixfold into an hour of playback.

Sony Float Run Headphones Price

These Sony Float Run headphones will cost PHP 7,999 at select Sony Authorized Dealers starting April 7, 2023.

Check out more details here. 


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