Sweet Sixteen: Nissan Unveils “New” R35 GTR

Sweet Sixteen: Nissan Unveils “New” R35 GTR

Ever since Nissan teased the coming of a new GTR earlier this week, many had been awaiting the possibility of the new R36 model. After all, while the current generation is still a beast of a machine, it is, in fact, sixteen years old. However, the brand has yet again proven that this model still has some life left in it. Say hello to the 2024 Nissan R35 GTR.

For our younger readers out there, the Nissan R35 GTR is the successor to a legendary lineup of performance vehicles from the company. The nameplate has an extremely rich history in motorsport, bagging wins left and right which eventually landed it in mainstream culture.

The R35’s release in 2007 was explosive. It was so astoundingly quick down the line that it quickly became the drag race king – even against supercars at least thrice its price. It even reigned supreme at the World’s Greatest Drag Race series for a long time. Porsche even famously accused the company of cheating laptimes – then paid the price for it.

Over the years, the GTR has seen multiple updates and special editions. Whether it be the Nismo version that once again shattered street car records at the Nurburgring, or the 2017 refresh that updated the interior to more premium materials as well as increased power output to accommodate the added weight, the platform is rapidly developing.

We now move on to the 2024 model. The most obvious changes lie in the front and rear bumpers, as well as the grille. Nissan claims that these aid with greater aerodynamic downforce and cooling for the power mill.

Nissan boss Ashwani Gupta reportedly stated that this is the pinnacle for the R35 GTR in terms of cutting-edge technologies and craftsmanship.

Changes to the engine are minimal as the base GTR still puts out the same 565 HP. It must also be said that this new version also has a Nismo variant as well, but it also keeps its power figures at 600 HP.

It goes without saying that it gets an upgrade as well. This track-focused goliath now comes packing with more aggressive aerodynamic parts such as a new splitter and diffuser, canards, a carbon roof, and an all-new limited-slip differential for the front axle.

With this, it seems unlikely that the R36 will be coming anytime soon. But these changes should bring some spurt into this aging chassis. Regardless, the Nissan R35 GTR is a vehicle that will go down in history as a legend.

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