The Latest Nokia E3110 Earbuds ARE NOW JUST PHP 499?!

The Latest Nokia E3110 Earbuds ARE NOW JUST PHP 499?!

Late last month, Nokia put its E3110 earbuds on an unbelievable limited-time promo sale. Now they’ve done it again but the deal is even sweeter this time around. Here are the deets.

The Nokia E3110 earbuds are part of the “Essential True Wireless Earphones,” designed to mesh into everyday life. They come with a lightweight construction weighing just 3.2 grams each. You won’t feel even when wearing them for several hours straight. The design doesn’t have a rubber attachment that goes into your ear canals, which we know still affects some people in this day and age.

Installed in it are refined 13mm dynamic drivers that the brand promises to deliver crisp, balanced sound with “incredibly deep bass.” It’s obviously not for audiophiles at the price point but will be catered towards mainstream listeners. Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC) solves the issue of TWS buds with calls in crowded places. It uses smart algorithms to prioritize your voice and place it on center stage, muting out the sounds around you. The person on the other end of the call will be thanking you for it.

These Nokia E3110 earbuds will keep playing music for four hours on medium volume, with three recharges totalling 12 hours with the case. That’s 16 hours when combined. It will remain connected to your device via reliable Bluetooth 5.1 technology and can be worn anywhere, rain or shine, thanks to an IP44 rating.

Software-wise, it’s compatible with either Google Assistant or Siri. You can even use it on just one ear to keep yourself aware of the world around you.

Nokia E3110 Earbuds Promo Price

These will be sold at a promo price of just PHP 499, a far cry from its SRP of PHP 1299. This promotion will run from April 28 all the way to May 9, 2023 at TechRoomPH.

It’s available in the original three colors: White, Pink, and Purple, with an all-new Green option being added to the fray. Check it out now!


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