The Latest Samsung One UI 5 Beta 4.0 Fixes Most Of The Issues

The Latest Samsung One UI 5 Beta 4.0 Fixes Most Of The Issues

Over the past few weeks, it’s no secret that the Samsung One UI 5 Beta versions have received flak for being sloppy on the animation side. This is quite regretful as these Samsung flagships have the best hardware specifications one can get, only slowed down by a lack of optimization. However, fixes have just arrived on the fourth beta version which aims to address all the concerns.

The one leading the charge in terms of complaints is Samsung tech figure UniverseIce. Check his Twitter feed and you’ll find numerous posts regarding the Samsung One UI 5 Beta’s fluidity or lack thereof. It’s quite obvious in these posts that the software does lag a bit behind its contemporaries, including previous versions of One UI. The experience becomes a bit jittery as a result.

However, Samsung proves that it’s listening to its users by resolving a lot of issues in the One UI 5 Beta version 4. This includes specific problems with features such as Object Eraser, S Pen Air Command, Vibration, and the aforementioned notorious frame breaks when moving from a widget to the home screen. Also resolved are glitches within the Gallery and sleep mode which triggered unwanted actions or just crashed altogether.

Despite the fixes, some issues remain with this 1.5GB build ZVJ2. Part of these are issues with opening some files, DeX problems, and lock screen hiccups. These are current issues in the Samsung One UI 5 Beta, but we have confidence that these will be resolved by the time the official version comes out en masse.

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