Third Telco Will Enter PH This Year, With or Without Telstra

Third Telco Will Enter PH This Year, With or Without Telstra


Even without the Australian Telco, San Miguel will be entering the game

We have good news and bad news for you. First the bad news: Australian Telco Telstra’s possibility of arrival in the PH is growing dimmer and dimmer each day, as no deal has yet been struck with local company San Miguel. There’s a good chance that they’re probably never going to arrive in our country to challenge incumbents Globe and Smart. Now the good news: San Miguel Corporation will be pushing ahead with their plans of establishing their own telco with or without Telstra, so a third mobile telco is pretty much guaranteed this year.

This is according to an Inquirer interview with San Miguel Corporation president Ramon S. Ang, who said that they would be launching their own telco even without the Australian company. One of their opening salvos against the encumbent telcos? Cheaper prices.

“Nobody can stop this anymore. When we launch, we expect to lure subscribers right away with better quality and cheaper Internet,” Ang said.

Ang also noted that the entry of a third player in the game will force both Smart and Globe to invest on better services to compete.

“If there is a third player, they will have to invest,” Ang said. “All we want is once we switch on our service, they improve their quality so the consumer will win.”


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