This App Lets You Add Dynamic Island on Your Android

Developers are now working to replicate the Dynamic Island feature on Android phones ever since Apple introduced it on iPhone 14 Pro versions. The good news is that you can have the Dynamic Island right away on your Android mobile, thanks to dynamicSpot by Jawomo.

This App Lets You Add Dynamic Island on Your Android

This floating island on top of your screen is a  multitasking feature that allows you to access recent notifications or changes in phone status.

After configuration, dynamicSpot automatically surrounds the front camera of your Android phone, but you may also customize the floating bar’s position. For people with larger phones, this might be useful.

Remember that when you set up the app, you must provide it complete accessibility controls. This implies that the app has full access to and control over your phone’s screen. Additionally, it can function as your agent while interacting with apps and track your interactions using hardware sensors. The creators insist that they don’t gather user information or divulge your personal data to outside parties.

So give this a try if you want to experience Apple’s Dynamic Island on an Android handset.

An MIUI developer has already managed to get a Dynamic Island working on Xiaomi phones. Realme is also asking users if they want the feature.


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