TikTok Parent Company ByteDance Explores Producing In-House Chipsets

TikTok Parent Company ByteDance Explores Producing In-House Chipsets

For those that aren’t familiar, the world-recognized media sharing platform TikTok is actually owned by a Chinese company called ByteDance. The company aims to match the rigorous standards of production quality set by industry leaders such as Qualcomm and MediaTek, albeit their purposes for production are a little bit different. Let’s dive deeper into ByteDance and its first efforts toward the development of chipsets.

This business trend actually isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this. Companies are beginning to look into the production of their own chips to lower overall costs. This not only covers the astronomical price of acquisition from third-party providers due to the current semiconductor shortage, but also the efficiency in power consumption per watt. Prices are definitely high at the moment.

We first heard of this through a report that found numerous job listings related to chip production on the ByteDance website. There were reportedly 31 job listings at that specific point in time, with all positions covering end-to-end creation in the chip cycle.

Unlike the giants mentioned earlier though, ByteDance claims that these chipsets will not be sold to outside parties. These will be used internally for company purposes and will mainly be targeted at completing a prescribed field of tasks. As such, optimization is the key for specialized processors that aren’t expected to do many things outside of their job description.

The details on the topic and the actual ByteDance chipsets remain to be sparse. Whether the processors will actually be manufactured by the company themselves and not an outside producer still remains a mystery, as well as the end goal of these efforts.

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