The Xiaomi SU7 EV’s Price is as Affordable as a Fortuner

The Xiaomi SU7 EV’s Price is as Affordable as a Fortuner

Xiaomi has created much hype late last year with the SU7 as its first EV. We saw the EV in person at MWC 2024, and it is indeed a gorgeous-looking car. Now that we all know the key specs and features of the Xiaomi SU7, how much is the asking price for the brand’s first EV?


The base SU7 starts at CNY 215,900 or around Php 1.71 million when converted. For comparison, that’s roughly the same price as a base Toyota Fortuner, priced at Php 1.74 million. In China, that makes the SU7 more affordable than the Tesla Model 3, which retails for CNY 245,900 or Php 1.95 million.
What do you get for the base SU7’s asking price? It has a minimum driving range of 700km, which beats the Model 3’s 600km prescribed range. The base SU7 has a 73.6kWh battery and a rear-mounted motor that outputs around 299HP. It supports fast charging, where Xiaomi claims it can get 310km of range with just 15 minutes of charging.

Need a longer range? The SU7 Pro gets you up to 830km of range with its 94.3wHr battery and costs CNY 245,900 or around Php 1.97 million–the same price as the Model 3, but with more range to boot.

If you’re after performance, the top-end SU7 Max has a 101kWh battery and a dual-motor setup that outputs around 673HP. Being a performance variant, the SU7 Max has a slightly lower range than the SU7 Pro at 810km. This one sells for CNY 299,900 or around Php 2.37 million.
Some of the SU7’s features include a Pilot Pro self-driving system that consists of an NVIDIA Orin Chip, a LiDAR system, and 11 cameras. You also get a 25-speaker system for your audio, a 56-inch customizable heads-up display, Nappa Leather or Oeko-Tex seats, and two screens in the back that use a Pad 6S Pro.


Xiaomi has taken 50,000 orders within the first 27 minutes of sales, though there’s no word yet if the SU7 will be made available globally to compete with other Chinese EVs from BYD, Jetour, and more.

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