How to Purchase Gadgets in Kimstore via Credit Card

How to Purchase Gadgets in Kimstore via Credit Card

Purchasing gadgets have never been this convenient

Last year, Kimstore made purchasing gadgets easier by offering an installment option. Not content with this payment option, Kimstore now offers a credit card payment option as part of its 11th-year celebration, and as part of its partnership with PayMaya.

With a credit card payment option, buying gadgets with Kimstore has become more convenient. We tried their new payment method, and here’s how it works:

  1. Choose the gadget you want to purchase at Kimstore.
  2. After choosing, head over to checkout, where you fill up all important information for your order.
  3. After filling that up, you choose your transaction method.
  4. Once you reach the review and payments section, you will now see two options: Pay via Dragonpay (that’s the usual payment option), and Pay via Credit card using Paymaya.

There you have it. It is that easy and convenient. One quick note though: If you use the credit card payment method, do note that there’s a surcharge on top of shipping and the initial price of the gadget you are purchasing. It’s not that big though, and honestly, most people would go for convenience over saving a few pesos especially with all the traffic outside Metro Manila.


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