Manny Pacquiao Ventures Into Celebrity-Centric Cryptocurrency

Manny Pacquiao Ventures Into Celebrity-Centric Cryptocurrency

He will have his own digital token too

Boxer, politician, army reservist, and now cryptocurrency investor. Sen. Manny Pacquiao has been keeping himself pretty busy these days, as he ventures into cryptocurrency as well.

Recently, Pacquiao has poured in money as an investor for Singapore-based start-up blockchain firm Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX). From what we have gathered from Bitcoin Exchange Guide, GCOX was formed in February 2017 and makes itself different from other blockchain firms by helping celebrities create their own Cryptocurrency. In Pacquiao’s case, that’s called the PAC Coin.


Aside from offering cryptocurrency, GCOX claims to offer a celebrity popularity index of sorts. Their system lets the market decide the value of each token based on their popularity and their works, among other things. This means that each celebrity token will have a different value.

Other features GCOX is offering to those purchasing these celebrity tokens include personalized celebrity interactions, exclusive merchandise, and a chance to donate to the causes of these celebrities. The main goal of GCOX? “To revolutionize interactions between celebrities and fans by bringing closer engagement in new and innovative ways.”

Will it work?

GCOX is relatively new, and understanding the Acclaim blockchain system it is using is a bit complicated to understand. While the idea of a cryptocurrency that is based on a person’s popularity is interesting, we have to wait and see how GCOX will execute this model flawlessly. 

As of this writing, Pacquiao is one of the first celebrities signed by GCOX, and the company expects to sign more celebrities this year.


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