You Can Now Order a Smart MNP SIM Online to Transfer Networks Easier

You Can Now Order a Smart MNP SIM Online to Transfer Networks Easier

Have you been itching to switch to Smart for the longest time? While it has been a while since you can get an MNP SIM card, Smart is making the MNP process much easier by making the application available online. With its simplified Mobile Number Portability (MNP) process, switching to Smart’s network is more convenient as well.

For the MNP process, Smart only has three steps you need to follow to make the shift to their network. Here are the steps:

  1. Get a 9-digit Unique Subscriber Code (USC) from your current network provider. You will need to secure a USC from your current network provider to ensure that your account is free from any unpaid fees and balances. Do note that your USC is valid for 15 days, so make sure to act quickly on getting your MNP SIM.
  2. Get a Smart 5G-ready MNP SIM and apply online. Smart is making it easier to obtain a 5G-ready MNP SIM by making it available for order online. Smart is the first local telco to make applying for NMP SIMs online, making it much easier for those who want to change networks. On the other hand, those planning to port into a Smart Postpaid account should book an appointment at their preferred Smart Store.
  3. Activate your Smart 5G-ready SIM. Once you get your Smart 5G-ready MNP SIM and complete your MNP application, activation can be done by dialing *123# and following the steps on the screen. Once complete, you will get a text notification when your porting process is complete.

Advantages of switching to Smart include being part of one of the best network coverages in the Philippines, along with perks like exclusive access to premium on-demand entertainment, easy access to the latest promos and lifestyle treats via the GigaLife App, and up to 9 GB data freebie for prepaid subscribers.

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