Adobo Mall Launches With In-App AR Experience

Adobo Mall Launches With In-App AR Experience

Shopping made more fun

With the number of online shopping malls out there, Adobo Mall makes things different by not being a regular online shopping mall: It is a shopping mall that caters to only genuine items and known merchandisers, and makes use of an augmented reality (AR) shopping experience to keep shoppers excited.

By downloading the Adobo Mall app (currently available for Android as of this writing), shoppers make use of their smartphone cameras to hunt down coupons around their area and place them inside their bayongs to reveal interesting deals. The AR interface works based on a user’s interests and has different deals and promos based on geographic locations and seasons.

To make all of this work, Adobo Mall makes use of Big Data to help merchandisers provide their customers with the best deals possible. That’s on top of merchandisers having the freedom to design their own Adobo Mall storefront for a better shopping experience.


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