Alien vs Predator Action Figures by S.H. Monster Arts

Alien vs Predator Action Figures by S.H. Monster Arts


Alien vs Predator!

When we first started writing about our figures from Hot Toys we got a lot of questions asking for more affordable collectible alternatives. There are actually a lot of good brands out there but the figures are quite smaller in scale but definitely still very much detailed and posable. In fact some of them are more customizable and flexible compared to their 1/6th counterparts. One good example is the S.H. Monster Arts line-up. Their newest products include two kick ass figures from AvP: Requiem (Alien versus Predator). Both figures are sold separately and fetch for around Php2,650 a piece. We recently got ’em from GreatToysOnline and we did a quick shoot so you guys can see them up close!

Predator Wolf

First up we have the Predator Wolf! It’s made mostly from ABS plastic and PVC materials and has a lot of articulation points and accessories. What’s interesting is that certain parts of the armor are made from diecast metal. As expected the level of detail is very impressive and you can see this in the Predator’s iconic dreadlocks and weapons. It also has interchangeable heads (one with the mask on) and various hand/palm pegs.


Some of the armor pieces are also movable. First there’s the shoulder canon that you can pull upwards from his back plate. There’s also the Predator’s retractable claws and his forearm console.



What we liked the best though was the various weapons that came in the box. We have two versions of his spear (long and retracted), a sword-whip extended, and a sword-whip coiled. The weapons make for good props when posing the Predator, especially if you have the Alien figure with you as well!


Over-all it’s a pretty impressive figure. Our only complaint is that there are too many detachable parts and sometimes they just fall off. The one that got us annoyed the most was the detachable mandibles. We were on the verge of just applying glue so that it wouldn’t just detach itself, hehe.


Next up we have the Alien Warrior! It’s made from the same set of materials as the Predator: Diecast metal, ABS, and PVC. The level of detail on this figure is mind-blowing! They got a lot of things correct even the translucent head structure, bony armor, and the segmented tail. They even managed to include the small alien thing that comes out of it’s mouth, hehe.



They also included some extras — a detailed egg chamber and the source of nightmares for a lot of people in my generation: the Chestburster.



Looking at the Alien Warrior up close sent chills down our spine because it clearly reminded us of the nightmares we had when we first watched Alien almost two decades ago. It’s unbelievable how the manufacturers were able to get the smallest details in the same likeness as the horrifying creature that we met in the movie houses back then.

Alien vs Predator

Here are a few more photos of both Alien Warrior duking it out with the Predator Wolf.




For fans of the franchise, these two figures are a great addition to your growing collection. They’re also a great starting point for those who want to get into toy collecting. Despite the smaller scale the figures still have outstanding likeness, crazy detail, and impressive articulation. Definitely well worth the price tag.

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