Bug Lets Users See Twitter Fleets Beyond 24 Hours

As Twitter tries to go head-to-head with Instagram Stories with Fleets, the new Twitter feature is sailing smooth. While Fleets are suppose to expire after 24 hours, a bug lets users view Tweets beyond the 24-hour period.

The said bug was reported by TechCrunch, and it is alarming. A Twitter user detailed that because of the said bug, it “effectively allowed anyone to access and download a user’s fleets without triggering a notification that the user’s fleet had been read.” This defeats the main purpose of Fleets only lasting for a day and can be abused to archive a user’s Fleets.

Twitter is aware of the said bug, and a spokesperson said that they are working on a fix that should be rolled out in an upcoming update. That being said, it is best to avoid using Fleets for the meantime until Twitter sorts out the said bugs.

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