ASUS Finally Fixes ZenUI

ASUS Finally Fixes ZenUI

It’ll be leaner and meaner

One of the biggest problems we’ve always had with ASUS phones was their ZenUI, their custom user interface. Now custom UIs are not new – it’s a way for companies to differentiate their devices from the pack, giving users additional features and functionality that stock Android doesn’t give.

The problem with ZenUI is that it’s slow, laggy and bloaty. Each time we review new ASUS phones, we usually update a bunch of new apps and other unwanted stuff when we first connect it to the internet. The amount of bloatware is staggering, and ZenUI is easily the weakest link in ASUS’ products.

No more, it seems. ASUS has finally acknowledged that this is an issue with their phones and are now making ZenUI leaner and meaner, which will improve app functionality and response times. ZenUI 4.0 is better, and that’s not all – all ZF3 smartphones released will get the ZenUI update, as well as Android O when it becomes available.

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