Beyond the Box Wins International Training Competition

Beyond the Box Wins International Training Competition

Beyond the Box’s Training and Development Team members Arvin Dumo and Raffy Colico.

More reasons to be proud of our own talent

More than being an official store for Apple products, Beyond the Box bagged the championship at an impromptu Training Video Competition at the Bandung Trainers Camp held last July 16-20, 2018 in Bandung Indonesia. Represented by Arvin Dumo and Raffy Colico, the competition aimed to showcase the trainer’s skills by following certain instructions like keeping the video simple and understanding the knowledge of their audience.

“We [trainers] are similar regardless of where we come from. What differentiates us is on how we facilitate, how we tackle the topic and approach the audience so that they learn during each training session,” Colico said.

The competition is important for Beyond the Box, as it reflects on the company’s sales team performance and their ability to effectively market to Filipino users.

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