Catriona Gray is the First Filipino Celebrity Voice on Waze

How about Miss Universe guiding you through traffic?

Here’s a good reason to use Waze and be less frustrated with the chaos that is Metro Manila traffic: the navigation app recently included Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray’s voice as one of the different voice options for the app.

Aside from Catriona’s voice guiding you to traffic, there are also fun safety tips like “Time to park the car and do the lava walk” and “In my experience, U-turns are best made slowly.”

“Being the newest voice on Waze enables me to share positivity to Filipinos who are on the road—going to school, work or wherever they need to be. I want to keep them inspired and help them find their way so that we can all be happy and remain optimistic, despite many challenges such as the traffic,” Catriona said.

BDO partnered with Waze to include Gray’s voice in the app. Here’s how to access Catriona’s voice in the app:


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