Google Experimenting on Search Feature for TikTok and Instagram Videos

Searching for videos—particularly short-form ones from Instagram and TikTok—is expected to be more convenient, as Google is reportedly testing a new search feature that aggregates short-form videos from both social media platforms. This has been confirmed by TechCrunch, though the feature has yet to fully roll out.

TechCrunch adds that the addition of the new search aggregation feature is part of an expanded test update on Google Discover, where the Google app on Android devices get an additional carousel displaying curated Instagram an TikTok content. This time around, Google’s experiment brings video results from both social media platforms through the search engine itself.

This is how it suppose to look like. We could not get the same result, but TechCrunch managed to get Google’s upcoming feature.
TechCrunch further explains that clicking on the Instagram or TikTok video found on Google’s search results will only bring you to the web version of the app—letting users stay within the Google space while searching for short-form videos since they will only need to tap the back arrow to do a new set of searches. 

While Google declined to comment, a company spokesperson told TechCrunch that the feature is being tested on mobile devices as a limited, early-stage feature. Overtime, Google may scale up the feature, which would make social media video content more visible on its search results.

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