GrabCar to Resume Operations on June 1

New safety policies will be implemented

Following the announcement that Metro Manila will be placed under General Community Quarantine on June 1, Grab announced that it will be resuming GrabCar services and implement policies to comply with the government’s health and safety regulations. The new policies are as follows:

  1. Grab’s mobility service offerings will be simplified to either:
    1. GrabCar (GrabPay) – for all transactions using GrabPay as the payment option, and
    2. GrabCar (Credit/Debit Card) – for all transactions paid through Credit or Debit Cards
  2. Each GrabCar will only have a maximum seating capacity of two (2) passengers, and each will sit close to the windows at the back of the vehicle;
  3. Only public health vehicles are allowed to transport COVID-19 positive individuals;
  4. Driver-partners and passengers are required to wear facemasks at all times;
  5. Driver-partners are required to keep their vehicles disinfected at all times, especially every end of the trip;
  6. Each vehicle is required to have a non-permeable acetate barrier installed between the passengers and the driver-partner;
  7. Passengers will not be allowed to book for others. They are required to show their booking code to their respective driver-partner before entering their assigned vehicle. However, exceptions will be made in specific cases of emergencies wherein the destination is a hospital and the account holder or companion was the one who made the booking.
  8. Driver-partners are required to open and close the doors for the passengers, and passengers are not allowed to open the doors themselves;
  9. Eating and/or drinking is not allowed inside the car, and passengers are required to clean after themselves;
  10. Every time a passenger books for a ride, the passenger will receive a notification via GrabChat reminding them of the proper safety and hygiene protocol during the ride.

On top of the new policies, Grab will be implementing GrabProtect—an initiative that aims to raise Grab’s standards on hygiene and platform safety. The initiative will include online health and hygiene checklists for drivers, passengers, and delivery partners, mask selfie verification feature, supplying drivers and delivery partners with a hygiene kit upon completion of Safety and Hygiene Certification, and mandatory disinfection of vehicles every other day.

We have made significant strides on safety and we will not shy away from making more meaningful contributions to put our passengers, and driver-partners at ease as we move towards the New Reality,” Grab Philippines President Brian Cu said.

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  1. Why i cannot open my grab foe booking it.if i book a grab car it wont open the color below where it says book its colo is gray not the green one why?

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