Heroes of Crown Mobile Now Available in the Philippines

Heroes of Crown Mobile Now Available in the Philippines

Those who are itching to try out a new mobile game should check out Heroes of Crown (HOC), which is now available in the Philippines on both Android and iOS. Made by VNG, Heroes of Crown follows an Idle RPG theme where players can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.

HOC features hundreds of interesting heroes and six different types of elements that can be collected by players. These elements are wind, water, fire, light, dark and chaos. Each element has its own grades of green, blue, purple, and yellow–but the chaos element only has a red grade and is considered as the rarest element obtainable only during events. 

One of HOC’s main selling points is that it’s a F2P-friendly game with its AFK bonus feature, where players can still collect in-game prizes even if they are AFK and offline, and even earn Gold for free by logging in every day.

To entice players, VNG has prepared several in-game events in the form of Theme Events where players can get special characters, Event Servers that simultaneously serve to introduce various features and activities of this game to players, and Top Up Events with various benefits for their participants. In addition, there are also various activities during the open beta period in the form of livestreams and game walkthroughs from Philippines KOLs. 

You can download Heroes of Crown at the Apple App store or at the Google Play Store.

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