Pokemon Go’s Ultimate Gym Defender: The Egg

Pokemon Go’s Ultimate Gym Defender: The Egg

Unbox 70 - PokeGo Egg
Here’s another hack that Niantic needs to scramble out of Pokemon Go. “The Egg”, you say? It’s definitely not a part of the Generation 1 line of Pokemon available in the game right now. We’re talking about the eggs that you hatch to get new critters – those eggs.

Pokemon Go’s Reddit is abuzz with reports of nasty players installing eggs for gym defenders. How are they doing that? A client-side hack does the magic and cracks the game. Nice pun there.

Eggs have 0 CP, don’t have hitpoints, moves or anything. Once they’re set as a gym defender, they stay there until Niantic banhammers the culprits. Attacking players won’t be able to defeat and replace the egg owner, leaving the egg herder to reap the benefits of owning a gym until they get banned.

Here’s a video demonstrating the glitch:

Blast those Team Rocket cheaters. If you ever see an “egg defender” in a nearby gym, do your part and report the miscreant. The Ban Hammer of Justice awaits!

Unbox 65 - Ban Hammer of Justice

Source: Kotaku

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