Ragnarok Origin: Doram Kingdom Update Now Live

Ragnarok Origin: Doram Kingdom Update Now Live

Ragnarok Origin announces that the Doram Kingdom update is now live for everyone to enjoy. The new update will let players explore Doram Kingdom on the Pasdar Continent, which is located through a massive vortex near the Byalan Island in Midgard.

Doram Kingdom is said to be sheltered by the divine power of Goddess Freya’s necklace and features the Doram race, which evolved from cats. The update will introduce exclusive classes like Apprentice, To-be Summoner, Summoner, and Grand Summoner, while Doram Summoners can use a total of three types of skills.  Some of the Doram Summoners’ skills include summoning sea creatures to support teammates, deal magic damage, and summon animals to deal physical damage.

The update will bring in a new way of exploring Doram Kingdom, where players will encounter interesting quests, collect various great items, meet new cats, new class mount, and new costumes! There will also be daily events, where the Divination House will become a new place for adventurers to unlock new stories, buffs, stats bonuses, and item rewards by divining and collecting Doram Cards.

There will also be a new PVE Dungeon called Freya Mirage, which requires a team of 10 and has 3 difficulty modes: Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. For this new dungeon, there will be a speedrun event–a first for Ragnarok Origin–from March 21 to March 31. Stay tuned for details on this.

Ragnarok Origin will also hold the  first season of the Freya Mirage Contest. Held from March 21 to 23:59 on April 20, all members of the adventurer team that finishes the challenge within the given time will be awarded 100,000 diamonds and an exclusive title, with a special visual effect. The first 100 players who complete the challenge will even have the opportunity to name their serial numbers after their own names! 

Don’t forget to visit the official site of Ragnarok Origin and their official Facebook, YouTube, and Discord accounts. You can download Ragnarok Origin here.

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