Say Hello to Google’s Smart Messaging App, Allo!

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We’ve been keeping tabs on Google’s smart messaging app ever since it was announced at this year’s Google I/O and we’re happy to let you guys know that is has finally started rolling out to smartphones across the globe. There’s a lot of reasons why we’re really excited about this app and why the whole team may make the switch once it’s available in the country. Let’s break it down to its core features.

Image from Google
Image from Google

Google Assistant is Awesome!

We tend to throw that word around a lot, but you’ve got to hear us out in this one. Allo will come with a preview edition of Google Assistant, which mean it will have room to grow in the future. Google Assistant will be able to help you and your friends or family plan better. All you have to do is type in @Google to bring the Assistant into your conversations and ask it to show pertinent information that you need, such as: the weather for a trip you’re planning, movie schedules. or nearby restaurants. Google Assistant will initially be available in English, but will support more languages in the future and will integrate itself into more products in the future. Wait… Skynet is that you?!

Image from Google
Image from Google

Smart Reply Keeps the Ball Rolling

If you’re in a meeting or need to focus on other things, but want to keep the ball rolling with your pal on the other end of the conversation, Smart Reply will help a ton. The more you use Google Allo the more it adapts to your style and slowly learns how you reply to certain things. If a friend asks you a question, such as: “Are you coming with us?” Smart Reply will give you suggestions for an answer that you can easily tap and send to your pal. Smart Reply also functions if a friend decides to send you a photo. Again, it will slowly adapt to the way you converse and will be able to suggest more replies as you use Allo.

Image from Google


Incognito Mode for those Conversations on the Down-Low

Yes, it does sound a little sketchy and this features will probably be used by those who want to hide conversations from certain people, but chatting in Incognito Mode in Allo can also provide security. Each conversation in this mode with have end-to-end encryption, allow you to have discreet notifications, and an expiration date on message in case you’re worried that information could be leaked.  So whether you use it for gossip, for stuff on the sly (which we do not condone, by the way), or need to talk about a surprise party you’re throwing for your Bae and need to collaborate with her bestie — Incognito Mode will definitely help you out.

As mentioned above, Google Allo has begun rolling out worldwide and has not yet been released in the Philippines — at least as of the time we’re writing up this announcement. We can probably expect it to be available in the coming days, so stay tuned to our Facebook page and the site for more updates on Google Allo.

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