Twitter Reinstates Most Suspended Accounts, But We’re Still Worried

Twitter Reinstates Most Suspended Accounts, But We’re Still Worried

In a nutshell: Despite Elon Musk restoring suspended Twitter accounts of journalists, there’s much to worry about using Twitter under his control.

Twitter remains to be in a mess ever since Elon Musk took over. His stance on Twitter Blue is proven to be prone to abuse, and reinstating controversial accounts like Donald Trump is enough for everyone to be simply outraged at how Musk is managing the social media platform. Even hundreds of Twitter employees chose to resign and say “good riddance” to Musk. Even if he is one of the richest men in the world, Musk does have a fragile ego, prompting him to suspend a number of Twitter accounts owned by credible journalists due to the @ElonJet controversy. That’s not all: a number of Twitter accounts were suspended because of sharing links to rival platform Mastodon.

With Musk acting like God, it seems like Twitter is having “martial law” of sorts since anything that can offend him–or even have any mentions of a similar platform–is considered a violation of the social media platform’s policies. And because of Musk’s inflated ego, practically everyone over at Twitter is at his mercy on whether they should be suspended for their account’s actions or not.

We’re not convinced by the recent move that Musk reinstated the suspended Twitter accounts of journalists; we view it as a PR ploy to show that Musk can be nice and be accountable for his actions–even if practically everyone knows that he’s acting according to his ego.

Because Musk has the authoritative power to suspend Twitter accounts according to his will, a lot of groups are calling this out because it jeopardizes press freedom. That aspect is very important for Twitter as the platform’s microblogging aspect became an avenue for journalists to report what’s happening and what’s going on in the world in real time.

If this continues to persist, maybe it’s high time for people to leave the platform to save themselves from offending a billionaire’s ego who treats press freedom as his own toy.

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