Twitter Rolling Out Updated Web Client to Select Users

Featuring night mode and a reorganized layout

Just like Facebook’s Messenger, Twitter is rolling out is revamped layout to some users. Our account was eligible for the update, and one of the main changes we saw is the presence of a night mode (Twitter’s term for dark mode) and data saver option.

On the main page, you have a minimalist header consisting of only icons and no labels, unlike the old layout. Trends is moved to the right side, while the profile overview pops up when you click your name on the top right corner. The pop-up menu has the options for enabling data saver and night more. In addition, the “Who to Follow” section is made smaller in the new layout, giving more emphasis to the Trend section.

As for the profile page, the profile overview is now placed on top of your tweets. With the new layout, emphasis is given to your name and profile info, while the following and follower count are made smaller. The right side has sections for media, Who to Follow, and Trends.

Honestly speaking, the new layout is much better as it gives emphasis to the Tweets instead of following and follower counts. In theory, the new layout should help encourage users to write/post quality tweets to engage more meaningful conversations on the platform.

The new layout change is part of Twitter’s efforts in making its users stick to the social media platform. What are your thoughts on the new layout?

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