Watch Elsa and Anna Mess Stuff Up in GTA

Watch Elsa and Anna Mess Stuff Up in GTA


When Elsa lets it go, she does it with an RPG

We know a lot of you are probably sick of Frozen by now, but allow us to share this awesome Frozen-related video game news. No, this isn’t about that kid friendly game Double Trouble – it’s about Elsa and Anna f*cking things up in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Some enterprising modder named boblester122 has made 3D models of both Anna and Elsa in GTA IV, and proceeded to immediately mess everything around them using an assortment of weapons – from shotguns, machineguns and our personal favorite, RPGs. (Warning, video below contains swearing)

If you want in on this (and we’re sure you most definitely do) then all you need to do is visit the GTA IV mods page to download the mods that allow you to play Anna and Elsa the Snow Queen, located here and here. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to reinstall our copy of GTA IV.

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