Yes, You Can Have Your Own Walking and Talking Iron Man Robot

Yes, You Can Have Your Own Walking and Talking Iron Man Robot

It can do a bunch of tricks too!

Still on a high after watching Avengers: Endgame? Quantum Mobile Gears has you covered, as they are bringing UBTECH’s Iron Man Mk50 Robot to our shores.

Standing at 13-inches tall, the Iron Man Mk50 Robot comes with its own tracking mat and works via a dedicated smartphone app. The toy robot has features that include a variety of sensors (wake, accelerometer, gyroscope, IR), a retractable faceplate that conceals an LCD Screen, an LED-lit Arc Reactor, and a Dual-array Microphone.

The robot itself has several modes that include Nanotech Development, Mobile Command Protocol, Iron Guard Protocol, and Custom Protocol. Nanotech Development enables users to play AR Missions and update Iron Man’s nanotech weaponry along the way. Mobile Command Protocol lets you customize the robot’s lights, motors, and sounds to your liking.

The Iron Man Mk50’s companion app.

Iron Guard Protocol—as the name implies—lets you program the robot when it is triggered by its sensors. Last but not the least, Custom Protocol lets you create your own sequence for the robot, and that includes customizing what appears on the Iron Man Mk50’s LCD display.

The Iron Man Mk50 Robot is priced at Php 16,990 and is available at Marvel’s Official online stores in Shopee and Lazada and in toy retailers Big Boys Toy StoreSecret Fresh, and Filbar’s.

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