You’ll Soon Be Able To Apply For A Job Through Facebook

You’ll Soon Be Able To Apply For A Job Through Facebook

Facebook’s fast becoming the center of the internet. After their aggressive push in video and livestreaming, the social network is now looking to encroach on the space that companies like Linkedin and Jobstreet occupy. Facebook is now rolling out the ability for business pages to post job openings via the News Feed through the status update composer, and host them on the Jobs tab on their page. Anybody who sees this will be able to instantly apply for the position by simply pressing the Apply Now button. Facebook Messenger will then send a pre-filled application form to the page, speeding up the application process.

While the feature is first being rolled out in Canada and the US, it’s only a matter of time before it hits the Philippines. With a large swath of the population already on Facebook thanks to free access via our telcos, the jobs feature will take many eyeballs away from Linkedin, Jobstreet and whatever job website that’s used in the Philippines. Convenience is the name of the game here, and Linkedin will still win out for job searches in the meduim and high-skilled roles, there’s a lot of entry-level, part-time and service jobs that’s ignored by the platform. Having jobs posted on Facebook directly also allows businesses to promote their listings cheaper through Facebook’s advertising platform as well as having an aspect of virality as people can tag family members and friends who are looking for a job easily.

The biggest drawback here is that if you submit your application through Facebook, it will be easier for would-be employers to snoop around in your social media history. If you think you’re safe, think again – we’ve all posted something that other people have taken offense to at some point in the past, something that’s a risk of costing you a job if you apply through Facebook.

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