You’re Not the Only One: GMail, Google Drive Facing Outages Worldwide

by Duey Guison  August 20, 2020

(UPDATED) Having problems with your Google Mail or Google Drive? You are not the only one: Google’s Status Page reports that they are investigating issues with Google Mail. Based on what we have seen in social media, the issue involves the difficulty of adding attachments to email messages—which explains why Google Drive is also on haywire.

The issues do not stop there, as Google reports that they are investigating problems with Google Meet, Google Voice, and Google Docs, including reported uploading issues on YouTube. As for YouTube, the problem is so bad that content creators are having a hard time uploading their videos, with some reporting that processing time takes longer than 4 hours. Aside from Google, Slack reports that they are investigating issues on their platform as well.

These issues that are being encountered by select Google apps and Slack is concerning, especially since affected apps are those that are widely used for remote work—which is the norm right now due to the circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. 

Prior to Google’s woes, Spotify went down last night due to an expired TLS certificate. While it is a rarity for both Google and Spotify to experience outages, Facebookalong with apps under the company like Instagram and WhatsApphave encountered several outages in the past 5 years.


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