Davidoff Champion

Davidoff Champion

Davidoff has been around for quite a while now. I can still remember their flagship men’s perfume — the venerable Davidoff Cool Waters. It’s been in the market for over a decade but it still has a strong following. They launched a new fragrance for men last year called the Davidoff Champion and it’s been getting a lot of rave reviews as well!

The packaging of Davidoff Champion will immediately grab your attention. The perfume is bottled it a dumbbell-shaped container which is pretty apt for the name of the product!

For the scent, it opens to a bright crisp citrus top notes of Lemon and Bergamot followed by heart notes of energizing fresh scents of Galbanum and aromatic Clary Sages and finishes off with a brisk musky/woody Cedar Wood accord and Oak Moss. This combination gives off a familiar sweet fresh scent and then leaves off a very comfortable and seasoned accord.

If you’re living a very sporty lifestyle, this scent would compliment you well. The scent isn’t too experimental either for the modern man and the trail of this sits well when you go to that board meeting, or that lovely evening dinner after work. Also the bottle is a bit weighted so, yes, you can steal a few dumbbell curls in between meetings (just tell them you’re re-applying your perfume).

If you’re also a fan of the progenitor Davidoff Cool Water, then Champion is an update that you shouldn’t miss.

Davidoff Champion is priced at Php4,650 for 90ml and Php 3,398.00 at Rustan’s Department Store.

Unbox Tip: We just found out that Davidoff Champion Extreme, a follow-up to Champion is scheduled to be released this July 2011. In most cases, updates like these give stores the liberty of putting their past products in promo, so you might want to check up on your local perfumery within the following weeks.

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