IKEA Opening Online Store Ahead Of Retail Shop In The Philippines

IKEA Opening Online Store Ahead Of Retail Shop In The Philippines

IKEA’s still a few months away from opening the doors of its Mall Of Asia store, which would become the world’s biggest IKEA store when it finally begins operations. But the Swedish brand isn’t going to make fans in the Philippines wait for long – the brand will be selling stylish yet affordable furniture along with their meatballs via their online store ahead of their physical location.

“The company is bringing Swedish home furnishings and meatballs to millions of more people in the coming year as it enters both Mexico and the Philippines, with webshops opening up months before the physical stores in both countries,” IKEA’s division in Southeast Asia and Mexico said in a statement Tuesday.

The move isn’t surprising, seeing as the furniture giant already has a warehouse as well as a call center for eCommerce support already in place While the company didn’t directly mention the modern plague (AKA COVID-19) as one of the major considerations for the move, it’s very likely a consideration since people aren’t really keen on trooping over to stores, not with all the COVID going around.

Curious of what the Swedish furniture giant has in store for it’s Manila customers? Apart from their signature long winding halls of various room settings where you get to see their products in use, we can expect similar IKEA offerings that their global stores have such as the Swedish Bistro where you can try their famous Swedish meatballs, they also have custom furniture home delivery, and assembly services.

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