Laptop Muzetto Leather Bag (by Waterfield Designs)

Laptop Muzetto Leather Bag (by Waterfield Designs)

All black Muzetto Leather Laptop Bag!

Meet the Muzetto Leather Bag

The Muzetto Leather Bag by Waterfield Designs is probably one of the best looking quality leather bags I’ve seen that’s under Php10,000. It looks stunning, professional, sleek, and the materials are top grade. I was finally able to get one for myself and it looks like I’ve finally found a bag that I’ll stick with for a long time.

One of the things I love the most with the Muzetto is that it can go with casual or formal wear. Regardless if you’re wearing jeans, slacks, blazer or not, the bag looks good on you. There are actually six accent colors but I decided to get something more formal and went for an all-black.

The bag is made from naturally tanned genuine leather. It’s not the synthetic type that you find in the bags being sold in Greenhills. You can literally feel and smell that this is the real stuff. This means that the bag will get markings over time which will give it more character and personality which is something that I actually like in bags.

The compartments

The Muzetto basically has one main compartment, one zippered compartment, a pouch at the back and at the front. Here are some photos:

MacBook at the main compartment. Samsung Galaxy Note, earphones, and other peripherals at the front pouch. USB flash drive and ID in the zippered compartment in the main pouch.
WaterField brand at the main compartment. Inside is orange. Great contrast! Love the material as well. It has foam to properly protect your gadgets.
let's take a peek inside!
Here's the exterior pouch. Notice that there's a smaller pouch that can be used to put your phone in. 😀

They have different sizes of bags. There’s one for your iPad (personal), 11″ laptops, 13″ laptops, and up to 15″ laptops.

FYI: the photos do not do the bag justice.

Official Muzetto Video

For better appreciation of how great this bag really is, please do watch the short video below.

Availability in the Philippines

Sadly there’s no distributor for the Muzetto here in the Philippines. You’ll have to order it online and have it shipped here via JAC or through some other means. To order, check out their website here. You can also get lucky and find someone selling his or her Muzetto but those will be very rare times indeed. 🙂

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