Stay Stylish with These Dapper Laptop Bags!

Who said being a tech nerd is boring?

So you fancy a laptop that has the best specs, along with the best aesthetics to boot. Spending tens of thousands on that mobile workstation, you want to have a nice bag to carry your laptop, along with some of your computing essentials, eh? And when we mean nice, we are talking about dapper kind of nice–you know, the kind that makes use of quality leather for its outer shell.

With that in mind, Acer partnered with Salvatore Mann for a collection of computer bags, which include a backpack and a duffel bag:

The best part? You can actually get these stylish bags when you purchase an Acer projector or laptop before October 15, 2017! Choose a duffel bag or backpack for every purchase of an Acer projector, or an Acer Aspire i3-powered laptop or desktop. Should you purchase an i5-powered, i7-powered, or all-in-one Acer Aspire laptop or desktop, you get both duffel bag and backpack.

In addition, you get an exclusive Salvatore Mann sling bag if you are an SM Advantage, SM Prestige, and BDO Rewards Card Holder.


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