Unbox Podcast Ep 2: Why You Shouldn’t Be A Smartphone Fan Boy

Unbox Podcast Ep 2: Why You Shouldn’t Be A Smartphone Fan Boy

We get it: everyone has a preferred brand and everyone has that one phone that they absolutely love. But there’s a thin line between stanning for a brand and being a toxic fanboy, and that’s what the Unbox crew talks about in Episode Two of the Unbox Podcast.

Unbox’s Tito James, Elle, and Tech Bro Cholo hash out the stereotypes of brand stans, and being a die-hard fanboy is a bad thing. This episode explores how Elle broke her Apple fangirling streak by trying an Android phone and how it broadened her appreciation of different smartphone operating systems; Cholo on his experience with stan leaving strong comments when he compares brands; and Tito James on his openness to different brands.

Why you should listen to this episode:

  • What makes fanboy/ fangirling a good or bad thing
  • What are some brand stan stereotypes
  • The benefits of being open to trying new brands
  • How to get someone to break a brand stanning-streak
  • When brand fanboy/ fangirling can get toxic

Whether you’ve had an experience with someone who preaches how one brand is superior to the other, or if the idea of a brand having a hardcore fanbase is a completely alien concept to you, this episode explores these ideas and hopes to enlighten casual fans and fanboys alike. At the end of the day, we all have our own preferences and it all boils down to respecting each other’s opinions.

Listen to The Unbox Podcast Ep. 2:

Check out our latest podcast “Why Smartphone “Fanboyism” is Bad” on Spotify, here. Or our the pilot episode where the hosts talk about Apple v.s. Android, here.

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