Why Your Internet Connection is Slower Than Usual

Typhoons can mess up a lot of things

Over the last few days I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about slower-than-usual internet speeds. While it’s normal for people to associate rains and typhoons with slower connections, it looks like this episode is worse than we thought.


Those recent typhoons did more damage than what we expected.

In a report by IT News, the strong typhoons that ravaged Hong Kong damaged several subsea cables between Hong Kong and Australia. The damage is so bad, it has also affected our internet connectivity. Among those that got damaged include the Asia-American Gateway (AAG), TGA-Intra Asia (TGA-IA) and SEA-ME-WE3 (SMW3) cables. Local internet service providers like PLDT and Converge ICT have issued advisories regarding this issue:

Of course, netizens are not happy about this news, adding that they will be suffering more because of the damaged undersea cables:

How long do we have to wait for everything to be normal? Around six weeks, as they expect the repairs to be completed by October 13. Which is why for the meantime, kapit lang tayo mga bes. This will get resolved soon hopefully.

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  1. i already hav a very unstable net connection… no wonder it’s gotten worse since the start of sept……. HOLY COW! somebody wake me up when september ends! :D.

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