RapidPass.ph Creates Faster and Safer Checkpoints for Frontliners

RapidPass.ph Creates Faster and Safer Checkpoints for Frontliners

It provides QR codes for easy verification at checkpoints

With the community quarantine in effect, frontliners such as medical workers and logistics service providers need to go on field to address vital needs like medicine, treatment, and food. One of the effects of the quarantine are multiple checkpoints in several areas, and Rapidpass.ph aims to make passing through checkpoints more convenient.

Made by DevCon Philippines and DOST, Rapidpass.ph is a website that provides unique QR codes for frontliners, which they can use as they pass through checkpoints. Each QR code comes with a control number, and will be provided to each authorized person. The QR code can be printed and placed on vehicles on saved into smartphones to be shown to authorities. Applying for a Rapidpass is free.

To apply, one has to go to the Rapidpass.ph page and fill up the necessary details. Approved applications will receive an SMS or email that has a link to the printable/downloadable QR code, along with an accompanying control number. Each QR code has a validity period depending on the approval given. Aside from the Rapidpass QR code, users may need to present their IDs and necessary documents for further verification.

The Rapidpass system will go live on April 6.

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