Alleged Xiaomi SUV Collaboration With Tencent Spotted

Alleged Xiaomi SUV Collaboration With Tencent Spotted

There have been a lot of rumors regarding the Apple Car lately, but we haven’t seen any concrete proof to substantiate the allegations so far. However, it appears that vacuum company Roborock has gone first in producing an SUV with alleged help from Xiaomi and Tencent.

It’s called the Rox SUV, which will be the company’s first undertaking in the industry. It’s definitely a better option than just letting liquidity lie around – it could even be an optimistic pursuit as the world is moving towards mobility electrification.

There are no specifications yet. As of now, all we have are leaked images, probably from the testing phase. It definitely looks like a mishmash between a Range Rover, Lexus, and Toyota Land Cruiser from the outside. It’s supposedly an Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV) meant to traverse the great outdoors.

Its rumored backers are Xiaomi, a gigantic tech company, and Tencent – most popular for owning games such as PUBG. We’re looking forward to seeing more info about this collaboration in the future. Considering how far the vehicle’s design as progressed, we have no doubts that this could come very soon. We’ll keep you posted on our site.

Check out a lengthier video on the Xiaomi Tencent SUV here.



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